Thursday, May 22, 2014

Oracle Mobile Security Suite (OMSS)

Oracle launched OMSS on Feb 26th , 2014 and had a webcast few days back detailing its features. Here are few details - 
Overview -
Oracle Mobile Security Suite (OMSS) addresses the BYOD challenges by isolating corporate from personal data on consumers’ personal mobile devices without
needing to lockdown the entire device.
Oracle’s Mobile Security Container technology protects corporate apps and data and enables a Secure Enterprise Workspace that meets enterprise security
requirements without compromising user experience. It offers the most integrated solution with Windows® authentication and Oracle Access Manager
infrastructure for secure Single Sign-on (SSO) to corporate applications.

The entire solution includes -
1)A BYOD,employee-centric mobile security suite that separates personal apps from secure,“containerized” corporate
,“off-the-shelf” apps and data avoiding device lock-down.Containerized apps are Oracle and/or third -party enterprise
applications accessed by employees through the corporate network(intranet).
2) A consumer - centric mobile and social service that provides a software development kit (SDK) allowing corporate
developers to secure custom enterprise apps for Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android devices, bridging the gap between mobile devices,
social networks, and the enterprise’s backend identity management infrastructure.

Key Identifiers -

1)Comprehensive set of security policies providing strong authentication, encryption and DLP (Data Leak Prevention) controls .
2)Containerization (apps are containerized and only one time login into a container is needed).
2)Secure Enterprise Workspace which houses all the corporate apps.

3)Single Sign-on (SSO) with Integrated Windows Authentication (Kerberos and NTLM) and OAM authentication (Basic Auth and OAuth 2.0) 
4)AppTunnel that eliminates need for mobile VPN and protects from rogue apps.
5)Mobile Security Access Server is located in the DMZ which redirects unauthenticated requests to appropriate Oracle Mobile Security containers.
7)Mobile Security Admin Console for Locking , providing access , remote wipe of corporate container.
8)New and useful features like geo-fencing and time-fencing available in admin console.
9)Leverages the existing IDM Architecture - talks to Directory Services(OID/OUD/AD) , apps can be protected by OAM and/or OIF.

10)Container has OOTB apps like Secure Browser , Catalog , Mail Mgr etc.
11)OMSS can be deployed on Oracle Enterprise Linux or Microsoft Windows.
12)Android 4.x and above including 4.4/KitKat compatibility
13)The Oracle Mobile Security Suite components are distributed across the corporate DMZ and the enterprise intranet (or corporate network)
14)This is a mobile application management (MAM) solution which has various advantages over MDM(Mobile Device Mgmt) solutions like Airwatch
like separate container for coprporate apps , no requirement of device locking , data privacy etc.

Architecture - 
The recently rechristened Oracle MAF is tightly integrated with OMSS.

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P.S. Source of images Oracle Webcast , intention only to share the information.