Monday, March 10, 2014

Oracle SOA : SFDC Adapter Issue - Total Requests Exceeded

We faced an issue wherein total API calls to SFDC to check for updated accounts exceeded the limit (due to Quartz Scheduler Polling at regular intervals )

Analysis : 
Once limit is reached , this cannot be undone till 24 hours !
Quick Fix : Use a different sandbox if using developer edition of SFDC

Correct way should be to (Work In Progress) -
1)Optimizing API calls to Salesforce.com
Although the Oracle Cloud Adapter for Salesforce.com incorporates several measures to reduce API calls to Salesforce.com (for instance, session management for limiting login calls and cache for limiting metadata fetch calls), you can further reduce calls to Salesforce.com while designing your composites through the offline configuration feature of Oracle Cloud Adapter for Salesforce.com.
2)Use polling interval of Quartz scheduler in couple of minutes than seconds.