Thursday, May 22, 2014

Oracle Identity Mgmt 11gR2 PS2 : New features & Cloud / Mobile Strategy

Source - The live webcast on this topic by Oracle. Here are the updates -

"Oracle IdM R2 PS2 Theme  - Cloud , Mobile , Simplification"

New features in 11gR2 PS2 release  -

1) Cloud Access Portal - a web based application has been added in PS2 release which will enable admins to manage SaaS based cloud applications.
  • The login to each application will be using SSO , form-fill technologies & federation capabilities.UI adapts to  various form factors.
  • OAM Protects the resources
  • When clicked on apps , redirection to logjn page with form fill and auto login.

2)Session Management features in Oracle Privileged Account Manager (OPAM) - 

OPAM is a whole new set of functionality focused on managing administrative passwords for applications, databases and operating systems.

3) Oracle Mobile Security Suite (OMSS) -

This heavily leverages features and concepts from Oracle's Bitzer acquistion . This is a MAM (Mobile Application Management) solution.
  • The onus is on application centric security as opposed to device centric security.
  • Introduces a new concept called the Secure Mobile Workspace which containerizes all corporate applications with a single login .
  • Builds on the BYOD concept where in employees can use their personal devices / phablets to access corporate apps/data.
  • Fine grained policy control using Oracle Mobile Access/Admin Console with new features like geo-fencing , time-bound access to workspace etc.
  • Enterprise wide Identity management solution is extended to mobile devices
  • Oracle API Gateway (OAG) support for RESTful IdM services.
  • DLP Support
  • Core apps for Email, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Notes.

4) Oracle Mobile Authenticator

  • Adds strong authentication features for SSO enabled apps
  • Uses changing PIN every 30 seconds for registered apps
  • Integration with OAM
  • Available on Android and iOS

5) Improved & fully integrated OAuth 2.0 Support for authorization -client , server , 2 legged or 3 legged authorization.

6) Automated IdM Suite install
  • 2 hours for single node  , 8 hours for 8 node HA cluster.
  • Patching support
  • Standard builds
  • No additional license needed , feature is supposedly OTB using Wizards and components to be installed can be configured.

General 11gR2 IdM strategy from Oracle
To provide a unified Identity Management platform for Cloud , Enterprise and Mobile Applications.

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