Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Automated Security deployment : Oracle IAM Deployment Wizard

With the release of Identity & Access Management suite 11g R2 PS2 (, Oracle has released a new deployment tool to automate the installation and configuration of products related to the IAM suite.
This tool is named Oracle Identity and Access Management Deployment Wizard.
Key insights –
  1. Installs & Configures - OIM , OAM , OUD , OHS , Webgates etc.Also creates basic Users & groups in OUD , configures OUD as Identity store for OAM.
  2. You will need to download a completely separate set of software for this. The normal Identity & Access Management suite download packages won’t work.If you go to Oracle Download page for, here, you will see at the bottom a section for the Deployment Repository
  3. This 12GB package contains everything you will need: The IAM Suite, RCU, WebLogic, JDK, WebTier, WebGate (11g), SOA, OUD, and of course, the Deployment Wizard.
  4.  If everything goes well, it will take approximately 6 hours to do everything. If this seems long, keep in mind that it’s installing OAM,OIM,OUD , configuring them, integrating OIM and OAM, setting up LDAPSync, SSL enabling some components, configuring OHS with Webgate, configures WebLogic Authentication Providers, performs some light performance tuning, does OUD reconciliation
  5.  Supports both Single Node & HA configurations.
Checkout this blog for more details, limitations etc. !