Wednesday, February 18, 2015

OAM : Custom Login Page Times out after 15 mins (Prior to User Login)

Product Versions
OAM, OHS , Webgate for OHS -, Weblogic Server 10.3.6
Single Sign On implemented with WebCenter Custom Portal & WebCenter Content
A custom login page was used instead of the OOTB Login Page provided by Oracle.

Issue Summary : 
If User stays idle on custom login page (without having logged in) for  more than 15 mins and then tries to login, he is redirected to a blue screen/error page which says 'System error, please contact your administrator'

Error Logs -
Error occurred while handling the request.
Supplemental Detail     java.lang.RuntimeException:   Authentication request Timed out. Eapsed time in min: 79560 at oracle.security.am.controller.BaseRequest.updateObjectWithCachedMap(BaseRequest.java:482)
Note - 
If the user logs in to the application before 15 mins, the SSO enabled application honours the timeout values:
Webgate level 'Max Session Time' = 60 mins
OAM Console - Common Settings 'Idle Timeout' = 65 mins

The user has connected to the custom authentication page but not logged in yet. So there is no user session yet. The user just idles for a while and then attempts to login and gets the error - The 'Idle Timeout' is only applicable to logged-in sessions. The timeout we are hitting is the 'Request Time Out' which is somehow hardcoded by Oracle to 15 mins.

Solution :
This is a pretty weird Oracle Bug ! Workaround is as follows :

Add a meta tag such as following one behind <head> in the custom login page.
    <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="890; URL=http://host.example.com/public/public.html">
The Http mechanism for a meta tag is described on:  http://www.w3schools.com/tags/att_meta_http_equiv.asp

The time value of 890 seconds comes from :
The idle time of 15 minutes set by OAM minus 10 seconds, that is:
         => (15*60=900)  minus (tolerance time of 10 second)
If the user stays now for 890 seconds on the custom login page, the browser will bring him back to a public page as defined with URL  (http://host.example.com/public/public.html).

ReferencesDoc Id 1908294.1