Monday, August 11, 2014

OAM 11gR2 : 500 Internal Server Error after registering new 11g Webgate

I got the error as in the subject after I had registered a new webgate , done other necessary configurations and tried to access a WebCenter Portal page which I was trying to protect.

The error in the oblog.log said - 

Request Failed for : /index.html, Resp Code : [500]
OBWebGate_AuthnAndAuthz: Cannot get message for ObAccessException_NO_AGENT_KEY

Oracle Support had a similar issue for Fusion Apps which didnot really help -

Finally , after using the OAM Tester , a colleague suggested to edit and re-copy Webgate related files from Output Directory of the OAM_Domain pertaining to the webgate to <OHS_Instance>/config/OHS/ohs1/webgate/config.

Hope this helps someone facing a similar issue.