Monday, August 11, 2014

Debugging SSO issues using OAM Tester

The OAM Tester is a great desktop based tool to test issues while accessing resources protected using OAM. It will help you with basic logs and categorizes on what exactly fails(authentication,authorization etc).

This is a quick way to ensure that everything works fine at the OAM layer without having to look at the logs and/or tools like Firebug or HTTPAnalyzers/Fiddler.

The port for the server connection would be 5575 which is the port for Access Manager.All the rest should be self explanatory.

Copy the following files from <ORACLE_IAM_HOME>/oam/server/tester & launch oamtest to get to this dialog.
Links from Oracle documentation -

Thanks to my colleague Shivram Sundaram to help find this thus quickly resolving multiple issues.

Note - I was on the 11gR2 version of OAM.