Monday, July 7, 2014

What is Oracle Mobile Application Framework (MAF) ?

 Oracle Mobile Application Framework (MAF) was launched on June 30 , 2014. 

It is Oracle's latest mobile platform to develop hybrid mobile applications(which run on device and are built using web technologies like Java/ADF) and can be deployed to iOS & Android platforms.

It is basically an extension of ADF Mobile with a few additional features -

  • Ability to develop using multiple IDE Tools like Eclipse(OEPE*) besides Jdeveloper.
  • Additional AMX* components (totally 80 now) to develop mobile applications & provide a rich look & feel.
  • Newly suppported ADF DVT* components like Sunburst & Timeline.[Demos]
  • Supoort for Apache Cordova Plugins .
  • Support for O-Auth & web-SSO for Security.
  • Complete integration with Oracle Mobile Security Suite (OMSS) which is a part of Oracle IDM.
  • Available Jdeveloper 12.1.3 onwards.
  • Migration of existing ADF Mobile Applications is easy , just open application in new Jdeveloper !
  • Licensing for Oracle MAF is now seperate ( per user per app or unlimited users per app).
  • Higher reusability using Feature Archives (FARs) & custom components.
  • Support for HTML5 and Javscript development.

Architecture ( Source : Oracle )


*  DVT - Data Visualization Components (Graphs/Charts etc)
*  OEPE - Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse
*  AMX - ADF Mobile XML