Monday, July 7, 2014

What is Oracle Mobile Application Framework (MAF) ?

 Oracle Mobile Application Framework (MAF) was launched on June 30 , 2014. 

It is Oracle's latest mobile platform to develop hybrid mobile applications(which run on device and are built using web technologies like Java/ADF) and can be deployed to iOS & Android platforms.

It is basically an extension of ADF Mobile with a few additional features -

  • Ability to develop using multiple IDE Tools like Eclipse(OEPE*) besides Jdeveloper.
  • Additional AMX* components (totally 80 now) to develop mobile applications & provide a rich look & feel.
  • Newly suppported ADF DVT* components like Sunburst & Timeline.[Demos]
  • Supoort for Apache Cordova Plugins .
  • Support for O-Auth & web-SSO for Security.
  • Complete integration with Oracle Mobile Security Suite (OMSS) which is a part of Oracle IDM.
  • Available Jdeveloper 12.1.3 onwards.
  • Migration of existing ADF Mobile Applications is easy , just open application in new Jdeveloper !
  • Licensing for Oracle MAF is now seperate ( per user per app or unlimited users per app).
  • Higher reusability using Feature Archives (FARs) & custom components.
  • Support for HTML5 and Javscript development.

Architecture ( Source : Oracle )


*  DVT - Data Visualization Components (Graphs/Charts etc)
*  OEPE - Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse
*  AMX - ADF Mobile XML


  1. Hello Sudipto,

    Thanks for sharing the information. I am currently working as an ADF Developer looking to learn ADF Mobile. I recently heard that MAF is release and just curious to know what it is used to develop. I can understand it is a framework for building Mobile applications but are ADF Mobile and MAF one and same? Or do they differ?

    I also see in Oracle website, both have their individual pages but no where they mentioned if they are related.

    Could you please enlighten on whether both of them are same or if they differ, what are those differences and which I can learn.

    I sincerely appreciate your help.


  2. Mahesh ,
    As mentioned in this post MAF & ADF Mobile are the same. MAF is the new terminology used by Oracle for ADF Mobile from Jdev 12c . Other differences are as mentioned in this blog.

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