Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Database Security - Enterprise User Security (EUS)

About Enterprise User Security (EUS)
  • Enterprise User Security (EUS) is a way of integrating Oracle Database with LDAP compliant directory server like Oracle Internet Directory (OID) or Microsoft AD
    so that database Users , Passwords & Roles can be centrally managed in a LDAP Directory Server.
  • Belongs to Database Security category of the IdM stack.
  • Offers low costs & centralized authentication.
  • Increases security & compliance.
  • No data migration needed , clients continue to use existing directories.
  • Oracle Virtual Directory (OVD) has a EUS Adapter and EUS Plugins OOTB.
  • The LDAP Directory (OID or AD or Novell or Sun eDirectory) needs to be setup for EUS.
  • The Oracle Database/s need to be EUS enabled using NETCA & DBCA utility.
  • The Database/s can be logged into using a centralized EUS User/s later.
  • Kerberos authentication can be enabled to do native authentication for SQL clients like sql plus & SQL Developer.
Useful Resources 
  1. EUS DataSheet with Architecture
  2. Enterprise User Security Guide
  3. Integrating Enterprise Security with AD
  4. Oracle Whitepaper
  5. Atul Kumar’s Blog
  6. How To Configure EUS with OVD and Active Directory - AD (Doc ID 1449132.1)
  7. Expected Issues - How To Avoid Extending The Active Directory Schema With extendAD For OVD-OID-AD-EUS 11g Integration? (Doc ID 1159337.1)


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