Tuesday, May 24, 2016

OUD/EUS - Running DBCA from the command line interface(CLI)

Use Case : To enable Enterprise User Security (EUS) to authenticate Active Directory users to connect to a Database using a OUD Proxy.

Typically the DBCA utility is used via the GUI to register the database with the directory service. We had a requirement to run the DBCA commands from the command line interface (CLI).

The following steps should help -

1) Create an empty wallet in the wallet's default location
mkstore -wrl . -create 

2) Run DBCA to register DB
dbca -silent -configureDatabase -sourceDB $ORACLE_SID \
-registerWithDirService true -dirServiceUserName "cn=Directory\20Manager" \
-dirServicePassword <pwd> -walletPassword <pwd>

3) Create the Database DN entry in the wallet manually using mkstore command
mkstore -wrl . -createEntry ORACLE.SECURITY.DN "cn=<SID>,cn=OracleContext,<OUD_Realm>"