Sunday, November 23, 2014

Quick Tips for Oracle ADF 12c Certified Implementation Specialist (1Z0-419) Exam

I passed the ADF 12c Implementation Specialist Exam last month. Lot of people had queries on the pattern/study material etc., so thought to write a quick blog -
  • The study material is same as Oracle ADF 11g Exam [D57350, D60499, D60501] though exam is much tougher than ADF 11g (I have cleared ADF 11g earlier as well)
  • No new features or concepts in ADF 12c have been covered in the exam
  • This is the best Oracle Exam I have given, totally conceptual, cringes you for time and challenges your concepts
  • 87 questions in 120 mins with multiple choice questions, I took the entire time.
  • Quite a few questions require you to choose the best option from all the right options :)
  • Few questions have screenshots and questions are asked pertaining to them which I though was a great idea to check implementation experience
  • If you have cleared the ADF 11g exam in the past and have got implementation experience, just a revision of the ADF 11g material should be good enough.
  • Do not attempt this exam without having hands on in ADF, it's pointless :)
  • Be very thorough on the ADF Lifecycle and ActionListener/ValueChangeListener order of execution, Nested AMs and transaction, DVT components, page templates, ADF BC; quite a few questions from there ! [D60501 is the guide to read for these]
Kudos to the certification team for such a comprehensive exam, I felt really happy on having cleared it !!

Useful links -
Exam Details and Topics (Cover all topics, questions from each are asked)
Study Guide details


  1. Thank You Sudipto! I take the ADF 11g in a couple weeks. I concur it is pointless to try and clear these types of certifications without hands on application experience.

  2. Congrats on getting certified.
    and thanks for sharing. Could you please elaborte on the D60501, where could I get it?

  3. Can you please send me guide D60501 at


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  6. please mail me all the guides related to ADF..
    Thanks in advance

  7. Thanks in Advance.
    Please mail me all the guides related to ADF to

    It will be a biggest help for me.
    I searched in net for the guides but it cost more than Rs.5000. I was not at the status to buy that much costly books.

  8. Hi Sudipto, Can you please mail me ( exam guide for ADF 12C.
    Thanks in advance.


  9. Could you please help me in solving these questions.

    Which two statements are true about an af:panelStretchl_ayout component? (Choose two.)

    A. a component placed in the center facet dynamically spaces out vertically to fill out the page height.

    B. if the top facet has more content then fits vertically, it automatically adds a vertical scroll bar.

    C. Facets without content in them do not show up at run time.

    D. Components placed in the center facet stretch to fill the horizontal space regardless of their containing layout container.
    E. You cannot include another panelStretchLayout component in the bottom facet.

    F. You can specify the vertical size for the top facet in pixels.

    The second

    Which two components allow you to divide your page into two sections, where one section can be collapsed and expanded by the user, without the need to code I

    A. afpanelBorderLayout

    B. afpanelSplitter

    C. afstretchLayout

    D. afpanelDrawer

    E. afpanerTabbed

    the third

    Identify the two phases in the JSF life cycle that are always processed for a request, regardless if errors occur. (Choose two)

    A. Restore View

    B. Apply Request Values

    C. Process Validations

    D. Update Model Values

    E. Invoke Application

    F. Render Response

    Many thanks on your reply

    1. Hi Jamaal,

      Answer1 : C,F (I added panelstrechlayout on an empty page and tried all the options. C & F seems to be the correct one)
      Answer2 : B,D (I am sure about B i.e. PanelSplitter but D, i.e., PanelDrawer also seems to be correctas we can define two showDetailItems within panelDrawer and expand/collapse both of them )

      Answer 3: A,B,F (I think all 3 phases i.e., Restore view, Apply request values as well as Render Response will be executed regardless error comes or not )

      I would request other friends to verify this and add thier comments if any.

    2. You are welcome Jamal. There is a request from my side. Actually i am going to appear for 1Z0-419 ADF 12c certification exam in few days time but i don't have enough practise material. The questions you posted seem to be very close in pattern to the actual exam. If you have more practise questions with you, could you kindly share that with me? My email id as
      Thanks in advance.

    3. For the third question I think it's only A,F.
      Consider an initial request, the lifecycle executes only Restore View and Render Response phases.

      Check it out here

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