Thursday, November 6, 2014

OAM 11gR2 / : Redirection to favicon.ico screen after authentication to a Portal

Scenario After login to the Portal using OAM 11gR2PS2 login to access a protected resource for the first time (page not cached in browser), the end user is redirected to the favicon.ico url instead of the resource url. The browser needs to be refreshed with the Portal URL to get this to navigate to the Portal home page as expected.

Also if the favicon.ico is not present in the OHS /htdocs folder a 404 may also appear.

It was initially tricky to figure out that this issue was related to permissions in OAM. But if we remove the webgate entry from httpd.conf (i.e. Security layer is bypassed), we can confirm that this issue doesnot occur which means OAM is playing up here.

Cause -
This is caused by the favicon.ico being protected by OAM. 
If it's not in the browser cache, the client browser will fetch the favicon.ico resource on the server. It will get the favicon before the page, setting incorrectly the end_url parameter, redirecting to the favicon url instead of the resource url.

Solution -
Make sure that favicon.ico is created in <OHS_INSTANCE>/config/OHS/ohs1/htdocs/  folder so that there is no 404 ever. This is the icon which shows besides the website address.

Then, create a resource definition in OAM as documented in 
1) set type as HTTP
2) define resource URL to /favicon.ico
3) set protection level to "excluded"  (More about excluded resources here )

Reference - Oracle Support Document 

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