Monday, March 10, 2014

Adding Sales Force Cloud Adapter to Jdeveloper & patching SOA Server

The Cloud Adapter for Salesforce launched in Jan 2014 provides a single integration point to and from SalesForce using Oracle SOA. This has a high value for enterprises in terms of costs , developer productivity , scalability and ease of use.

This blog focuses on setting up the SFDC Adapter to Jdeveloper and patching the SOA Server.

Patching Steps for Jdeveloper & SOA Server :

1) Download patch from

2)Close Jdeveloper & IWLS.

3)Unrar/Unzip and apply :
- <PATCH_TOP>\17897781\sa  to you <MW_HOME>/jdeveloper
- <PATCH_TOP>\17897781\oui & <PATCH_TOP>\17996952 to your standalone SOA Install
where PATCH_TOP is the location where we unzipped the patch.

4) Restart Jdeveloper & follow this video to configure the adapter -
5)Create Test Org in after registration using account.
6)Setup Security Token in SFDC from My Personal Information -> Reset My Security Token
7)Password for adapter needs to be combination of password and security key.
Details of 5,6 & 7 here - Step 1 here Partner Training for Salesforce (.com)
8)Download Enterprise WSDL from Develop -> API link after you have added custom fields to the objects. This will be needed to configure the adapter.
9)For SOA Server , once Step 3 is done for SOA Server Patching you would need to configure CSF Key in the EM on Weblogic Domain which should be used for SFDC Adapter configuration  in
Jdeveloper as well.
10)Test connnection for SFDC Adapter in Jdeveloper.
Note :The cloud adapter is deployed onto the SOA server when the patching mentioned in Step 3 is completed which happens using default configuration provided by Oracle.
Quoting the user guide - 
"Since Oracle Cloud Adapters architecture is different from JCA Adapters, the deployment section of WebLogic console does not show cloud adapters.
The Cloud Adapter instances are stopped when the WebLogic server is shutdown and similarly the instances are started when WebLogic server is booted."
Known Issues :

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